Sandra Beckwith, Amy Collins and Daniel Hall Present:
How (And Why) To Sell &
 Rent Your Book To Libraries!

August 3rd

7PM Eastern
6PM Central
5PM Mountain
4PM Pacific

Sandra Beckwith

Bookbuzz Expert

Amy Collins

Library Marketing Expert

Daniel Hall

Bestselling Author and host of the 
Real Fast Results Podcast
What You're Going To Discover...
  • How libraries are recurring income machines and how you can make up to 8x more money “renting” your book compared to just 1 Amazon sale!
  • The under the radar system libraries use to buy and license (or rent) your books to libraries - and the exact site where you can sign up in 20 minutes or less.
  • Why library marketing is a spectacular book launch pad for Kindle authors of all stripes and levels - HINT: There are over an estimated 100,000 libraries and almost ⅓ of the United States population visits on a monthly basis (This also works in Canada, U.K., Australia, France and Spain!)
  • Invaluable research telling you exactly which Non-Fiction and Fiction genres libraries actually buy and rent.
  • The step-by-step process of how libraries actually buy POD (Print on Demand), ebooks and even audio books from independent and published authors just like you!
  • Why library budgets are actually INCREASING over time and why getting in now means they spend more money paying you into the future!
  • Why libraries are actual viral marketing machines - seriously if 1 pick gets picked up and rented out you'll start seeing it spread out to other library systems as well!
This training will reveal the once hidden process for taking your books, audiobooks and more into libraries!