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Turn It Into Books,
Courses and Print On Demand E-Commerce Products That You Can
Sell For Profit!

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  • Get High-Quality Content Created By Foremost Experts In the World For Free
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  • ​The opportunity is open to people worldwide not just U.S. citizens.
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Hello there...

I’m about to reveal a stunning truth that can make you rich.

In fact, you may already know this truth but do not realize its significance.
Either way… you soon will possess a powerful money-making strategy that you can use now (literally by the time you finish this letter) without limitation, regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you live.

In fact, I personally use this strategy to earn thousands of dollars passively and on autopilot.

In a moment I’ll show that there are lots of people using this method who are much more successful than me.

And if you’re an author, course creator, Kindle publisher, Internet marketer, blogger, YouTuber or content creator then you will absolutely ADORE what I’m about to show you...

And the reason you will love it is that this approach solves a bunch of pesky and time-sucking problems that you have.

What Do I Mean?

Look… if you sell content in any form or use content to market your business then you already know that great quality content is time-consuming and costly to produce.

You also know that without a steady supply of content you’re dead in the water.
But good news!

We’re about to fix your problems forever with a special type of content called public domain (PD).

Now before I go further, I want to make sure that we’re all on the same page with what public domain content is…
According to the Meriam-Webster Dictionary
“Public Domain” refers to:
As is it applies to content that means that if the content is in the public domain we (YOU and I) can use it for any purpose we wish, without paying royalties and without asking for permission.

It’s a sweet deal.

However, most people dismiss public domain because they think of it as old and useless.

Of course, I beg to differ.
Setting aside the fact that MAJOR media companies like Disney and Marvel have built billion-dollar empires on “old” public domain content, i.e., Frozen, Pinnochio, Thor, etc., the fact is there is a category of public domain content that is - up-to-the-minute - current.

And not only can the content be brand-new but it’s also state of the art and created by some of the most credentialed, qualified, and respected experts in their field.

And, yes, it is all FREE to use.

So what is this special category of public domain content?

Are you ready for it? 

It’s public domain content created by the
United States Federal Government!

As a matter of fact federal government created content is not even eligible for copyright.

99.99% of it goes immediately into the public domain!

I call it “Federal Green”! And Here’s How It Works.

If any government employee creates content within the course and scope
of their employment that work-product is automatically in the public domain.

Why is that?

Because our tax dollars pay these experts’ salaries.

Say what you will about the government… they do in fact hire some of the top experts in their field.

Experts who literally are working for you!

And what makes this source of content even more attractive is the fact that the U.S. government is the largest creator of content in the world.

It is a non-stop content machine creating all manner of PD from the written word, to audio and video.

And you can use all of it… for any purpose you want all without asking permission or paying royalties (because we’ve already paid them in the form of taxes).

Not only that but the U.S. federal government creates content in just about every desirable niche under the sun including:
  • Health & Medicine
  • ​Weight Loss and Fitness
  • ​Money Management
  • ​Consumer Issues
  • ​Benefits, Grants and Loans
  • ​Earth and Environment
  • ​Real Estate
  • ​Jobs and Employment
  • ​Career Development
  • ​Small Business
  • International Travel
  • ​Recreation and Travel Within The U.S.
  • ​Laws and Legal Issues
  • ​Education
  • ​Retirement Planning
  • ​Unclaimed Money
  • ​Credit and Debt
  • ​Buying and Fixing Cars
  • ​Saving and Investment Options
  • ​And many, many more....
Stop for a moment and consider the gravity of this opportunity.   

When you truly understand it you start doing the happy dance
because the truth of the matter is...

Here's What My Public Domain Students Saying...

"I've built a house and put 2 kids through
college using public domain material"

Bruce Jones

The U.S. Government Spends Billions Of Dollars
Every Year On Subject Matter Experts To Create Content You Can Use For FREE!

And it gets better...

The fact is, you could not use all of the available content in a million lifetimes.
And it just keeps coming.

Because every branch and agency in the government produces mountains of usable content EVERY DAY!

For example, there’s a constant stream of great stuff coming out places like all of the branches of the military, all 27 institutes within the National Institutes of Health, most of the 24/7/365 programming put out by the Voice of America.

Even the CIA releases great material.

And once again… the content is primo.

Created by Ph.D.’s and other highly qualified experts in their field.

Much of it backed up by government-funded research.

I certainly hope you’re getting the picture here.

Fact is, when you know what you’re doing with it government PD is a treasure trove of content ripe for the picking.


Speaking of being ripe for the picking, it’s one thing to say you can use this content to make money but a whole other thing to prove that you can.

That’s why I wanted to walk you through several case studies that I think will help you to realize and believe that YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH GOVERNMENT PD TOO!

Just check this out...

Case Study #1

Let’s start with a presidential example.

Back when George W. Bush was governor of Texas and before he was elected president he released a book called A Charge To Keep.

It was marginally successful and arguably it was one of the factors that helped him win the White House.

Then near the end of his second term as president, he released a second book edited by Marc Theissen called A Charge Kept.
Because this book was written and released during the time that both President Bush and Mr. Theissen were part of the government A Charge Kept was and is in the public domain.

Some very enterprising publisher (that could have been you) seized upon the opportunity to publish the book and has been earning royalties on it ever since - PASSIVELY!

But how well is the book selling today?
Since I did not publish it… I can’t say but when I use the market research tool called Jungle Scout you can see that the book is reported to generate about $713 monthly.

And its 12+ years later!

I’ll let you do the math on that…

And this case study is not some crazy outlier… not be a long shot!

Let’s take a look at…

Case Study #2

This time let’s look at a non-book example.

As I said all the content produced by any of the military branches is the in public domain.

And of course, one area of intense focus for members of the military is physical fitness and self-defense.

Accordingly, the military produces tons of content related to these niches.

So it is reasonably easy to find military content related to hand-to-hand combat and close-combat training.

So another enterprising publisher used this content to develop a bestselling Udemy course called Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat.

Check this out...

Once again I don’t know exactly how much is being made with this content but what I do know is Udemy designates the course as being a “bestseller” and it has 24,329 students enrolled with great reviews and a $12.99 price tag…

I think it’s safe to presume that this government PD content is doing reasonably well for its publisher. ;-)

Here's What My Public Domain Students Saying...

"Within 24 hours I uploaded 2 [public domain] books
to Kindle and Nook and they're selling!"

Harlan Kilstein

Case Study #3

This time let’s take a look at a physical product example.   
Here’s a t-shirt with an image of the moon taken from the NASA archives. 

And when we run a Jungle Scout market analysis it returns a monthly revenue of $1794.

Convinced you can make money with this content yet?


Then let’s check out…

Not bad… for a single t-shirt listing on Amazon.

And if you’re getting the idea that you can build an empire using public domain content you’re right!

Allow me to introduce you to none other than Mathew Lesko and…

Case Study #4

Mathew Lesko, the infomercial guy who wears the suit with the question marks, is an author of over 20 books on how to get free money from the government and you guessed it… the information found in his books is all in the public domain.

And how well has that worked out for ol’ Matt Lesko?

Well according to one website his net worth is estimated at around $5 million.

Yes, Matt Lesko proves you can make a small fortune with U.S. government produced PD. 

And at this point, you're probably fairly convinced that government PD content is valuable and that people have been making great money with it.

Which likely brings to mind the most important question of all...

"Can I Make Money With
Government Public Domain?"

Am I right?

Of course, the potential is there…. That is for sure. 

However, you can exponentially increase your chances of making money with government PD when you know what you’re doing with it.

Which is the reason I created my Federal Green training program.

This is a complete program designed to help you succeed in making money using government PD content.… and I take you through the entire process from where to find PD content all the through setting up your finished product to sell in the marketplaces.

Specifically, I show you….

Different Types of Government
Public Domain (GPD)

Government PD comes in every conceivable format and file type.

From the written word, PDF’s, video, audio, photo images, art, Excel spreadsheets, and even software code.

I show you what’s available and how to use these resources to create something brand new.

Then I show you the...

Best Places To Find (GPD)

Some of the best GPD is semi-hidden. I show you where to go find the specific kind of content for your project.

I also show you where to find and how to use the “Google” search engine of government PD.

I also show a few of my favorite GPD nooks and crannies and how to use them to find some real gold!

Next, I show you…

How To Determine if it is in the Public Domain

While over 99% of government-produced content is in the public domain. Some of it is NOT.

So I’ll also show you how to determine and know for sure that the content you want to use is in fact in the public domain.

This is easy when you know what to look for and you’ll have 100% peace of mind knowing you’re safe using the GPD for your project.

Speaking of peace of mind I then show you...

Compliance Record Keeping

That is, I show you how to set up a simple yet effective record-keeping system in case you are ever questioned about your right to use the content.

With this system you’ll be able to prove the content you used is in the public domain and you’ll have it at your fingertips within moments.

Next, we move on to the really fun part of the money-making process...

Market Research To Determine What Will Sell

The secret to making money publishing content is simple. Find out what the people want and give it to them.

In Federal Green I show you precisely how to do just that step-by-step.

In fact, with the easy to follow process I take you through there is zero guesswork.

Of course, no system is perfect but with this market research method you’ll have great “GO” signals that will communicate whether the project you’re thinking of doing is likely to succeed BEFORE you put in a bunch of time, effort and energy.

Then with your greenlight I show you…

The Different Assets That Can Be Created

You can create and publish everything from a simple Kindle book (Yes, Amazon does allow PD books) to a full-blown Ken Burns type documentary film.

You can create complex live-action video courses to simple (and short) pdf ebooks.

That’s why another aspect of the Federal Green program will actually show you...

How To Create The Assets

I walk you through my 3-in-1 method to create your GPD products FAST. When you follow what I teach, you get 3 different types of products to sell from the same effort.

Specifically, you’ll get video, audio, and written versions of your new content.

And what makes this strategy even more powerful is the fact that it changes the public domain content enough to make the resulting product a “derivative work”.

This is important in many ways most notably on the Amazon Kindle platform where public domain books can only earn the 35% royalty while derivative works qualify for the 70% royalty.
A tweak that effectively doubles your potential earnings.

And speaking of marketplaces like Amazon. Another thing the Federal Green system will show you are the best...

Marketplaces Where You Can Sell It

This is a big part of success: knowing the most lucrative marketplaces for your specific project.

I cover all of the best marketplaces to sell in - many of them you may never have heard of.

And honestly, this just scratches the surface of everything
you’ll discover with the Federal Green system.

Not only that but you get these groovy bonuses…



How He Made $1.5 Million Selling Government Maps (Tutorial)



Creating Profitable 5-Minute Products: The Magic Selling Power of Checklists, templates and Bundles



Creating Profitable 5-Minute Products: The Magic Selling Power of Checklists, templates and Bundles



Make & Profit From Products You Have Made On Fiverr

Effectively you’ll get everything you need to start making money
with Public Domain content.

And I’m so convinced that you’ll be delighted with the Federal Green system
that you’re covered by my iron-clad, no-hassled…

Here's What My Public Domain Students Saying...

"With a 144 books published"...
I can't stop myself from logging into Amazon and seeing
all the little ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-chings!" 

Diane Pfadenhauer
Employment Lawyer & Publisher

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

That is you must be completely happy with your purchase or let me know within the first 30 days I’ll return your money no questions asked.

Be the blessing,

P.S. Grab this deal right now while you still can.

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